Substation consumption forecast in the French power system

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från KTH/Elektriska energisystem

Författare: Sylvain Kerouanton; [2014]

Nyckelord: ;


This paper presents the methods and the results obtained during the project conducted by

Sylvain Kerouanton for the French transmission system operator RTE. The objective of the

project is to define methods to estimate the electric consumption of the substations of the

high voltage network. The developed methods are based on the analysis of the past

consumption of the substations to predict the load repartition of area consumption forecast

over the substations of this area. This project does not deal with the consumption forecast

but only with the repartition of it. Methods are presented in this report; the first one, the two

floors method, classifies the substations with respect to their active power consumption in

order to ease the repartition. The great issue of this method is the load transfers: the load of

one substation that is transiently transferred to another substation. The second one aims to

adapt the reactive power of substations from the variation of the active power. The third

method finds a historical network situation which is as close as possible from the one that

must be estimated. A study case on one of the seven regions of France defined by RTE is

presented. The conclusion of the study case is that the two floors method can be used to

clean up the load transfers of a well-chosen reference situation. This gives the best

consumption repartition.

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