Avgörande designprinciper för användbarhet En kvalitativ studie av designens betydelse för utveckling av eHälsosystem

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Health and wellAbeing are major key issues in today's society. With today's technology there is great potential for using it to contribute to healthAimproving measures instead of technology beeing associated with sedentary. With the massive technology development that occurred during the 2000s, the concept of eHealth in health care received considerable growth in recent times. Today there is a lot of information concerning care and health to take part of from the internet which have caused a need to make this information relevant and useful. The idea of systems that are designed from the user's perspective resulted in the following question; Which design principles are important for potential users to experience the usability of an eHealth system? To answer the question a qualitative study was made through interviews with people who have high technical skills. This is to get a user based information for the three themes that were considered most relevant; navigation, functionality and customization. The result was connected to the theory and from that emerged patterns that led to the design principles we recommend. The conclusions from the study shows that the user value most the simplicity, but also clarity and to be able to choose, plays a central role in eHealth systems to be perceived as useful.

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