Föräldrars upplevelser att ha sitt barn vårdat på sjukhus - En enkätstudie från Vietnam

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Sammanfattning: Background: Several studies show that parents´ presence and participation is importantwhen their child is in hospital. Both children and parents are negatively affected if thechance of connection, participation, communication and security does not exist. Nowdays itis natural for the parents to be a part of all the information regarding their child´s care andtreatment and that they´re given the opportunity to be involved in decisions about the child´s care. The family-centered part aims to see the whole and if it´s a change in this whole,every family member gets affected.Aim: To illuminate parents experiences of treatment and communication with nurses anddoctors and the experience of participation at National Hospital of Pediatrics in Hanoi,Method: A quantitative approach with descriptive statistics were chosen for this study. Thesurvey consisted of multiple choice questions mixed with open questions in order to increasethe possibility of getting more personal and fulfilling response. The questionnairewas divided into three themes – treatment, communication and participation.Results: Parents´ experiences of having their child hospitalized was highly positive. Mostparents felt the treatment from nurses and doctors as well and that they showed empathyand understanding. The communication was perceived as good and most of the parents feltthat they received answers to their questions. A third of parents felt that they wanted to bemore involved in their child´s care. More than half of the parents experienced that theycouldn´t influence decisions affecting their childs treatment and care. Through a good attitude,to show commitment and good communication from nurses and doctors at the hospitala safe care was experienced.Conclusion: Parents stated many positive experiences about having their child hospitalized,largely because of how the hosptialstaff treated the parents, how they invited the parentsto participate in their childs care and the communication with the parents. The studieshows how important it is for the hospitalstaff to be aware and be responsive towards thefamilies situation when the child is hospitalized.Keywords: Experience, hospitalization, children, nursing, parents experience

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