Parabener i kosmetik - en studie med fokus på säkerhet och försiktighetsprincipen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Författare: Jannica Sandström; [2014]

Nyckelord: Earth and Environmental Sciences;

Sammanfattning: Parabens are a group of commonly used conservatives in cosmetics, foods and pharmasuticals. Although they have been widely used since the 1920s the effects of these substances are still not thoroughly understood. This literature review aims to enlighten the prevailing discussion regarding chemical safety using the precautionary principle. During the last decade a vast amount of research has been done in the field. Several negative effects seem to be linked to these substances and more will probably be revealed in forthcoming years due to the active field of research. Effects like endocrine disrupting effects, adverse effects on sperm, breast cancer and reduced reproductive success are effects that have been associated with the discussion. This study showed that arguments supporting the decision basis on parabens were insufficient. Parabens do make up a risk but how substantial this risk might be is still in need of more research. The reports in the field are not uniform and therefore a general conclusion regarding safety was not possible to establish. The link between breast cancer and parabens is worrisome and it is possible that this relationship is going to cause problems in the future. Especially parabens endocrine disrupting effects and their ability to behave like environmental oestrogen should be prioritised. Moreover the metabolism and composition needs to be thoroughly researched and understood. In the future more research should be done on the effects on women. Today parabens compose a risk, which is overlooked. In the future parabens should be restricted sterner.

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