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  1. 1. Tvärprofessionell kommunikation och teamarbete på operationssal - en systematisk litteraturöversikt


    Författare :Karin Alke Nilsson; Malin Smith; [2020-06-25]
    Nyckelord :Kommunikation; teamarbete; patientsäkerhet; operationssal; tvärprofessionell; operationssjuksköterska;

    Sammanfattning : Background: The operating unit is a complex and hightech unit that can involve many risks. Communication and teamwork intraoperatively are therefore a critical factor in maintaining patient safety. Information must be communicated clearly and correctly in order to avoid mistakes. LÄS MER

  2. 2. Omvårdnadsåtgärder för att främja patienters sömnkvalitet på IVA


    Författare :Pernilla Larsson; Jonna Åred; [2020-06-25]
    Nyckelord :Intensivvård; intensivvårdssjuksköterska; sömnkvalitet; omvårdnadsåtgärder;

    Sammanfattning : Background: Sleep is a basic need in humans and in critical illness, the need for sleep increases even further. Sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical complications, which can result in prolonged recovery and intensive care time. Previous research has shown that intensive care patients do not get enough sleep and rest. LÄS MER

  3. 3. Specialistsjuksköterskans upplevelser av organdonations processen - En systematisk litteraturöversikt.


    Författare :Olof Gustavsson; Therese Isgren; [2020-06-25]
    Nyckelord :Organ donation; nursing; intensive care; nurses experiences;

    Sammanfattning : Background: Organ deficiency is a constant problem, both from a global and national perspective. Every year, thousands of people die while waiting for a new organ. An organ donation process requires teamwork between different professions and units, which is a challenge. LÄS MER

  4. 4. En dålig magkänsla?


    Författare :Filip Elfwering; Rickard Hasselblad; [2020-06-25]
    Nyckelord :Intensivvård; Bukläge; Komplikationer; Patientsäkerhet;

    Sammanfattning : Background: Many critically ill patients in intensive care units (ICUs) suffer from threatening or manifest organ failure which puts them at risk of death. Respiratory insufficiency is the most common organ failure. LÄS MER

  5. 5. Postpartumblödning - det stora hotet


    Författare :Jennie Bjerger; Sandra Axelsson Brakstad; [2020-01-30]
    Nyckelord :postpartumblödning; barnmorska; efterbördsskedet; handläggning; kommunikation;

    Sammanfattning : Background: Postpartum haemorrhage is globally the leading cause of maternal mortality. Thethird stage of labour is the most critical part of the childbirth and it affects both women with andwithout risk factors and can quickly escalate. Atoni is the most common cause of postpartumhaemorrhage. LÄS MER