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  1. 1. Crosscap States in Integrable Spin Chains

    Master-uppsats, KTH/Fysik

    Författare :Christopher Ekman; [2022]
    Nyckelord :Theoretical Physics; Mathematical Physics; Integrability; Integrable Systems; Spin chains; Heisenberg model; Integrable Boundary States; Crosscap states; Teoretisk fysik; Matematisk fysik; Integrabilitet; Integrabla system; Spinnkedjor; Heisenbergmodellen; Integrabla gränstillstånd; Crosscaptillstånd;

    Sammanfattning : We consider integrable boundary states in the Heisenberg model. We begin by reviewing the algebraic Bethe Ansatz as well as integrable boundary states in spin chains. Then a new class of integrable states that was introduced last year by Caetano and Komatsu is described and expanded. We call these states the crosscap states. LÄS MER

  2. 2. On a novel soliton equation, its integrability properties, and its physical interpretation

    Master-uppsats, KTH/Fysik

    Författare :Alexander Fagerlund; [2022]
    Nyckelord :Calogero-Moser systems; Conservation laws; Elliptic dynamics; Fluid dynamics; Hamiltonian mechanics; Hyperbolic dynamics; Integrability; Lax pairs; Pole ansatz; Riemann-Hilbert problems; Solitons; Bevarandelagar; Calogero-Mosersystem; Elliptisk dynamik; Fluiddynamik; Hamiltonmekanik; Hyperbolisk dynamik; Integrabilitet; Laxpar; Polansats; Riemann-Hilbertproblem; Solitoner;

    Sammanfattning : In the present work, we introduce a never before studied soliton equation called the intermediate mixed Manakov (IMM) equation. Through a pole ansatz, we prove that the equation has N-soliton solutions with pole parameters governed by the hyperbolic Calogero-Moser system. LÄS MER

  3. 3. Integrability of Boltzmann's discontinuous gravitational system

    Master-uppsats, KTH/Fysik

    Författare :Frode Boman; [2021]
    Nyckelord :Theoretical physics; Mathematical physics; Integrability; Integrable system; Boltzmann; Ergodicity; Discontinuous system;

    Sammanfattning : A dynamical system originally invented by Boltzmann has had recent developments. The system consists of a particle in a gravitational potential with an added centrifugal force, which is subject to reflection against a wall that separates the system from the gravitational center. LÄS MER

  4. 4. The Henstock–Kurzweil Integral

    Kandidat-uppsats, Linköpings universitet/Matematik och tillämpad matematikLinköpings universitet/Tekniska fakulteten

    Författare :Manolis David; [2020]
    Nyckelord :Henstock–Kurzweil integral; generalized Riemann integral; gauge integral; Denjoy–Perron integral; narrow Denjoy integral; Perron integral; non-absolute integration; Lebesgue outer measure; absolute integrability; fundamental theorem of calculus; convergence theorems; single variable calculus;

    Sammanfattning : Since the introduction of the Riemann integral in the middle of the nineteenth century, integration theory has been subject to significant breakthroughs on a relatively frequent basis. We have now reached a point where integration theory has been thoroughly researched to a point where one has to delve quite deep into a particular subject in order to encounter open conjectures. LÄS MER

  5. 5. Reconfigurability Assessment Model : Assessment of a Manufacturing System's Current State

    Master-uppsats, Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Produktionsutveckling; Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Produktionsutveckling

    Författare :Adam Bergström; Luisa Jödicke; [2019]
    Nyckelord :Manufacturing System; Reconfigurable Manufacturing; Reconfigurability Characteristics; Assessment Model;

    Sammanfattning : Today’s global market and growing competition set an increasing strain to manufacturing companies. Shorter product lifecycles automatically lead to shorter production ramp up periods and, therefore, set a higher strain on the manufacturing systems. LÄS MER