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  1. 1. E-handel av livsmedel : En kvalitativ studie som undersöker hur e-service quality påverkar kundens köpbeteende

    Kandidat-uppsats, Linköpings universitet/FöretagsekonomiLinköpings universitet/Filosofiska fakulteten; Linköpings universitet/FöretagsekonomiLinköpings universitet/Filosofiska fakulteten

    Författare :Danielle Gränström; Johanna Atterström; [2019]
    Nyckelord :e-service quality; consumer decisionprocess; online consumer behaviour; grocery shopping; e-service quality; consumer decision process; online consumer behaviour; grocery shopping;

    Sammanfattning : Introduction: E-commerce has shown a large increase in the last years and constitutes a great portion of the market. This has led to a digital shift and more people choose to e-shop. This has affected the retail business, since there are new, more comfortable ways to buy your groceries. LÄS MER