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  1. 1. Effekten av vegankost på HbA1c och BMI hos personer med typ 2-diabetes mellitus – En systematisk översiktsartikel

    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för medicin

    Författare :Cecilia Lindskog; Klara Svensson; Malin Thrysén; [2018-06-04]
    Nyckelord :Typ 2 diabetes mellitus; vegankost; konventionell diabeteskost; HbA1c; BMI; Type 2 diabetes mellitus; vegan diet; conventional diabetic diet;

    Sammanfattning : Title: The effect of a vegan diet on HbA1c and BMI in persons with type 2-diabetes mellitus - A systematic reviewAuthor: Cecilia Lindskog, Klara Svensson & Malin ThrysénSupervisor: Frode SlindeExaminer: Anna WinkvistProgramme: Programme in dietetics, 180/240 ECTSType of paper: Bachelor’s thesis in clinical nutrition, 15 higher education creditsDate: May 22, 2018Background: When a person has type 2-diabetes mellitus (T2DM), the body has insufficient production or impaired insulin sensitivity, resulting in increased glucose loading in the blood which can be measured by HbA1c. Today, those who have T2DM are treated with medication and dietary changes. LÄS MER