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  1. 1. Why people with HIV are let to die - Analysing medical ethics, drug patents and activism

    Kandidat-uppsats, Lunds universitet/Mänskliga rättigheter

    Författare :Viktor Östlund; [2012]
    Nyckelord :politics; economists; bio technicians; hippocratic oath; geneva; udhr; human rights; bureaucracy; genocide; holocaust; economic theory; business; pharmaceutical; patents; fda; arv; azt; antiretroviral; medicine; drugs; generic; thailand; india; south africa; usa; hiv; aids; clinton; anthrax; trips; third world; developing countries; rich countries; mänskliga rättigheter; bush; mbeki; homocide; nelson mandela; conspiracies; Science General;

    Sammanfattning : In this essay it will be analysed why people in need of HIV-medicine do not get access to them, which has so far resulted in millions of seemingly unnecessary deaths. It will be discussed what responsibilities scientists have and what people can or should do to claim rights to medicine. LÄS MER