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  1. 1. Patienters upplevelse av egenvård vid typ 2 diabetes mellitus : En litteraturstudie

    Kandidat-uppsats, Röda Korsets Högskola

    Författare :Helin Topal; [2022]
    Nyckelord :Type 2 diabetes mellitus; Self-care; Patient experiences; Nursing care; Diabetes education; Typ 2 diabetes mellitus; egenvård; patienters upplevelser; omvårdnad; personcentrared vård; diabetesutbildningar;

    Sammanfattning : Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases globally and in Sweden. It is a chronic lifestyle disorder that requires self-care management. Self-care means that patients are responsible for managing their disease. Research shows that compliance with type 2 diabetes can be challenging. LÄS MER