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  1. 1. Merging Sustainability and Clothing: An exploratory study on the leasing of clothing and the selling of second-hand clothing

    C-uppsats, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

    Författare :Hannah Stihl; Liise-Lotte Vilimaa; [2019]
    Nyckelord :Second-hand; Leasing; Value Creation; Co-creation; Service Dominant Logic;

    Sammanfattning : Propelled by the environmental impact of the fashion industry, more sustainable business models for fashion consumption are emerging but have yet to become a widespread alternative to newly produced clothing. This thesis explores the potential of two of these more sustainable business models. LÄS MER

  2. 2. Design är mer än bara färg och form : En kvalitativ studie om hur design- och möbelmässor arbetar med tjänstedesign

    Kandidat-uppsats, Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för marknadsföring (MF)

    Författare :Emma Andersson; Sabina Eskesjö Wolffsen; Maja Sundberg; [2019]
    Nyckelord :Design; tjänstedesign; design- och möbelmässor; mässarrangörer; utställare; besökare; kundupplevelse; värde; värdeskapande; innovation; interaktion.;

    Sammanfattning : Titel: Design är mer än bara färg och form Författare: Emma Andersson, Sabina Eskesjö Wolfssen & Maja Sundberg Examinator: Christine Tidåsen Handledare: MaxMikael Wilde Björling Kurs: Kandidatuppsats, 15 hp. Företagsekonomi III - Marknadsföring. Programmet Inredning och Butikskommunikation, Linnéuniversitetet, VT19. LÄS MER

  3. 3. Value Co-creation Practices in Brand Community of Airbnb

    Magister-uppsats, Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi; Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi

    Författare :Seyedmohammadali Siyasinejad; Teodor Teodosiev; [2019]
    Nyckelord :Brand Community; Value Co-creation; S-D Logic; Practice Theory; Airbnb;

    Sammanfattning : Abstract Background: Value co-creation emerged at the beginning of the 21st century as a new way of understanding of value and its creation which occurs around individualized experiences of co-creation, leading to the creation of value that is exclusive to every person. In the essence of the concept of value co-creation lays the service-dominant logic of marketing. LÄS MER

  4. 4. Local food markets : consumer perspectives and values

    Master-uppsats, SLU/Dept. of Forest Economics

    Författare :Heléna Lindström; [2019]
    Nyckelord :decision-making; direct markets; local foods; service-dominant logic; values;

    Sammanfattning : There has been an increased interest for local food in Sweden, which has led to governmental plans to support and increase the Swedish local and small-scale production. Few studies have however been made to understand the motivations of the consumers who buy local food and what they perceive as being valued with these products and services in Sweden. LÄS MER

  5. 5. 2018 - an IPA Odyssey: A single case study of how an Intelligent Personal Assistant should be constructed to align with the value proposition of Lynk & Co

    Master-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

    Författare :Philip Smith; Vincent Tollesson; [2018-08-02]
    Nyckelord :HRI; Human-Robot Interaction; IPA; Intelligent Personal Assistant; Customer-centric; Service-dominant logic; User acceptance; Value proposition; Value proposition canvas;

    Sammanfattning : MSc in Innovation and Industrial Management.... LÄS MER