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  1. 1. MASKULIN VEGANISM OCH NEUTRAL DJURETIK - En kritisk diskursanalys av mötespunkterna mellan veganism och genuspraktiker i en svensk samtida kontext

    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

    Författare :Ulrika Hofstedt; [2019-09-20]
    Nyckelord :veganism; feminism; meat; performativity; global studies; gender studies; critical animal studies; masculinity; oppression;

    Sammanfattning : The practice of veganism is becoming more and more common. While feminist theories show veganism to be anti-patriarchal in nature, new research has indicated that both hegemonic and hybrid masculinities could be performed and sustained through a vegan lifestyle. LÄS MER

  2. 2. Veganism : Motivations and obstacles

    Master-uppsats, Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

    Författare :Rita Coelho; [2019]
    Nyckelord :veganism; vegetarianism; obstacles; motivations; quantitative study;

    Sammanfattning : The interest in vegetarianism and veganism is increasing and the dietary option of abstaining from animal food products is currently a widely discussed and social relevant issue.The present study aims to provide a quantitative overview of the vegan diet, particularly the sociological aspects related to adoption, maintenance and obstacles connected with this diet. LÄS MER

  3. 3. NIO Horizon : Future autonomous flight experience

    Master-uppsats, Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

    Författare :Tejas Purohit; [2019]
    Nyckelord :Future; mobility; autonomous; drone; interior; design; styling; transportation;

    Sammanfattning : What if future air travel was highly sustainable and appealing? What if you could hop from building rooftop to rooftop or better, from a city to an island without the worries of ground congestion and gridlocks? And how would it look like if NIO decided to take this opportunity and broaden their product offerings? These were some of the initial question that guided the project towards a mode of mobility which is new and challenging to realise. Admittedly It was also exciting to imagine what would future of autonomy look like in something other that a car and to see if A. LÄS MER

  4. 4. Vegansk kosthållning : En kvantitativ studie om upplevelser, erfarenheter och kostmönster hos veganer

    Master-uppsats, Umeå universitet/Institutionen för kostvetenskap

    Författare :Julia Lindman; [2019]
    Nyckelord :kost; vegan; veganism; vegetarian; upplevelser; erfarenheter; kostmönster;

    Sammanfattning :   Bakgrund Vegetarisk kosthållning blir vanligare och intresset för veganism ökar. Kosthållningen kan innebära hälsofördelar vilket är ett av motiven till veganism. Trots ökad popularitet cirkulerar fortfarande fördomar kring kosthållningen. LÄS MER

  5. 5. Vegans: from radical hippies to inspiring celebrities? : a study on what influences vegetarian’s decision when considering veganism

    Master-uppsats, SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

    Författare :Anneli Nilsson; [2019]
    Nyckelord :vegan; vegetarian; meat consumption; environmental communication; carnism; discourses; attitudes; cognitive dissonance; norms; perceptions; behavioural change;

    Sammanfattning : Meat consumption has a negative effect on climate change, making it important to increase more sustainable diets, such as veganism. This research has focused on understanding why vegetarians, who are so due to animal rights and climate benefits, have not become vegans. LÄS MER