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  1. 1. Volontärturism - en “win-win situation”?: En kvalitativ studie i hur volontärresor porträtteras på Instagram

    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

    Författare :Linnéa Holmgren; [2020-10-02]
    Nyckelord :volontärresebyrå; volontärturism; Volontärresor; Sociala projekt; Instagram; Postkolonial teori; “den andre”; narrativ;

    Sammanfattning : Volunteer tourism, mainly relating to travelling from countries in the global North to the global South, has emerged as a global trend and fast-growing tourism industry since the turn of the millennium 2000. In the globalized world of today, social media has become an easily accessible tool for travel agencies to market their volunteer travel. LÄS MER


    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi

    Författare :Anna Rödin; Shana Ayoub; [2020-09-16]
    Nyckelord :nyanlända; döva; barn; ungdomar; mottagande; hörselpedagog; hörselteam; migrants; deaf; children; adolescents; reception; hearing team; hearing educator;

    Sammanfattning : Purpose: The purpose of this interview study is to investigate how deaf migrant children/ adolescents and their families are received by hearing teams for children and youth within the hearing services in a Swedish region called Västra Götaland. The aim is also to get a clearer picture of what their need for support looks like. LÄS MER

  3. 3. En studie om arbetsengagemang vid gränslöst arbete - En kvantitativ studie som undersöker hur meningsfullhet, socialt stöd, arbetstillfredsställelse och om kön påverkar arbetsengagemang

    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

    Författare :Julia Englund; Emelie Fransson; [2020-09-02]
    Nyckelord :gränslöst arbete; arbetsengagemang; meningsfullt; socialt stöd; arbetstillfredsställelse;

    Sammanfattning : Today's technology allows flexibility for individuals in organizations meaning that they canwork reg ardless of time and locations (Acker, 2006). This complex situation that comes withworking without boundaries involves allowing employees to handle much of their workthemselves and usually at a distance from colleagues and managers (Grönlund, 2007). LÄS MER

  4. 4. Hospitalspredikantens arbetssituation i Sverige mellan åren 1894-1917

    Kandidat-uppsats, Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion

    Författare :Gunnar Nilsson; [2020-08-27]
    Nyckelord :;

    Sammanfattning : This essay treats the work situation of the hospital preacher in Sweden between the years 1894 – 1917, focusing on the question: what was the work situation like for the hospital preacher and who was or were his superiors? The purpose of this essay is to examine the work prerequisites and job assignments from a national theory of citizenship perspective. This theoryis based upon Mats Andréns Mellan delagande och uteslutning […] (2005), primarily the first part which discusses the perspectives on citizenship during the 19th and 20th century. LÄS MER

  5. 5. Sjuksköterskans kompetens i relation till kvinnor i klimakteriet - en litteraturstudie


    Författare :Anneli Pihlgren; Sofia Thedin; [2020-08-05]
    Nyckelord :Menopause Climacteric Symptoms Attending Knowledge Attitudes Support;

    Sammanfattning : Background: The life-stage menopause is a period of major hormonal changes that every womanwho reaches a certain age will go through. The theoretical framework of the essay is based onMelei's Transition Theory, which describes the importance of knowledge and initiated support toundergo a successful transition. LÄS MER