Bondeuppror och konungaförakt : En studie av den historiska beskrivningen avupprorsmännen Nils Dacke och Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper (KV)

Sammanfattning: The aim of this essay is to analyze and discuss the historiographical depictions of two Swedish historical insurgents, Nils Dacke and Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson in the encyclopedia Nordisk Familjebok and other literary works. Furthermore, the essay will also conduct an analysis on the use of history by using Karlssons typology, regarding the monuments dedicated to Nils Dacke in Virserum, Småland and Engelbrekt Engelbrektssonin Örebro, Närke. Additional theoretical framework that has been implemented in this essay is an iconographical analysis, which is used in the image analysis of the selected monuments. Regarding the depiction of Nils Dacke and Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson in the literary source material, the results have shown significant differences between the two. The image of Nils Dacke has remained negative throughout the centuries, whereas the image of Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson has been portrayed consistently positive. This could be interpreted as a result of hegemonial influence on the Swedish historiography, which remained static from the 1600th century to modern days. The study has also found that these differences could be related to the interpretation of source material, where inadequate material has led to individual interpretations by scholars, or forming the image of each insurgent to a certain liking. Moreover, the use of history analysis and the iconographical analysis regarding the two monuments, indicates a strong correlation with the image conveyed in the literary source material. The application of Karlssons typology has shown how the two insurgents have been used for various historical purposes and contexts. In relation to iconographical analysis, the monument of Engelbrekt in Örebro is fit for a king and carefully executed, whereas the monument of Dacke in Virserum is farmore humble and under-exaggerated in terms of proportion. 

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