Godtrogen i sin vaksamhet - En undersökning av konspirationsteorier i relation till begreppen godtrogenhet & vaksamhet, med hjälp av fall från QAnon

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Författare: Albin Larsson; [2023-05-15]

Nyckelord: Godtrogenhet; Vaksamhet; QAnon; Imageboards;

Sammanfattning: This paper aims to analyze gullibility and vigilance within the context of conspiracy theories, primarily with the help of authors such as Hugo Mercier and Alberto Acerbi, as well as other relevant sources. Cases from QAnon will be the main focus of this paper, in the hope that they can shed light on the relationship between gullibility, vigilance, and conspiracy theories. QAnon believers hold many beliefs, but the core one is that the world is being controlled by a satanist deep state that seeks to enslave humanity. The question is, how do they come to believe such things? The QAnon movement strategically implements various tactics and strategies to manipulate the cognitive processes humans use to navigate information, resulting in the disruption of families, friendships, and even the American political system. This paper will examine these tactics and strategies in relation to gullibility and vigilance within conspiracy theories, with QAnon as a case study.

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