Greens and beans in the city - Urban agriculture and food security in Jinja, Uganda

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: This thesis concerns the problems with creating urban food security in a constantly urbanizing world with focus on the role that urban agriculture may have in addressing this problem The purpose of this study is to investigate if urban agriculture is an important activity for creating food security in the city, using Jinja as an example. It also seeks to explore potential opportunities and obstacles for agricultural activities within the city of Jinja. Three research questions have been used in the study; How does urban agriculture affect the food security situation for households in Jinja?, What conditions affect urban agriculture in Jinja, and in what ways?, How does the urban planning of Jinja affect the conditions for urban farmers and urban agriculture? In the study two geographical perspectives are being used; a Farmers´ perspective and a Planning perspective. By using these two perspectives, the role of urban agriculture in Jinja will be examined by looking from the perspective of both the people doing the farming as well as from the people in charge of land use and planning of the city. The study has been carried out during eight weeks in Jinja and has a qualitative research approach. Semi-structured interviews, observations and document studies are methods used for collecting the data. The main conclusions that can be drawn from this study are that urban agriculture is of great importance for the food security situation for many urban inhabitants of Jinja today. The climate and natural conditions are favourable for farming in Jinja, but climate changes may cause less rain in the region in the future. Lack of rain leads to less productive agriculture as well as increasing the number of pests who are destroying the crops for urban farmers. Although urban farming is a common feature of urban life in Jinja, many factors are threatening its existence. Unpredictable conditions such as insecure land owning and rent factors for urban farmers make it difficult for farmers to make long-term plans and investments in their farms due to fear of displacement. This may stand in the way for sustainable, efficient urban agriculture in, Jinja. The city development planning for Jinja is focused on densifying the city structure with more residential, industry and commercial areas. As urban agriculture is a space demanding activity, low access to farmable land may threaten the presence of urban agriculture in Jinja. The thesis does not aim at presenting solutions or possible paths to how the management of urban agriculture should be conducted, but rather it is a description of the current situation for urban agriculture, and the impact from urban agriculture on the food security situation for farmers’ households in the city of Jinja.

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