KONSEKVENSER AV TJÄNSTEINNOVATION En fallstudie över hur offentlig sektor bemöter och upphandlar automatiserade tjänster med ett nytt värdeerbjudande

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Persons with hearing impairment are in many situations limited, as today's interpretationservices are insufficient. This requires digital solutions that offer effective interpretationservices. The study is based on a case to find out the consequences of a service beingautomated and receiving a new value offer, in this case an AI-interpreter. The purpose is toinvestigate how the public sector understands, evaluates and procures services with a valueoffer other than the existing one. The question is:How does the public sector understand and receive new services? - What are theconsequences of automated services with a new value offered to the public sector?The theory explains the phenomenon of service innovation in relation to the creation of a newrange of value. Research on service innovation is about how a service is digitized and goesfrom one product to a service-oriented perspective. It also describes research on how theeffects of a service innovation are measured.To answer the question, a case study is conducted with semi-structured interviews. Informantswho have been interviewed are the public sector, supplier of the AI-interpreter Beta and theSwedish Hearing Loss Association (Hörselskadades riksförbund). The different perspectivescreate an overall picture of the problem area. The discoveries have been analyzed through aqualitative content analysis where general themes have been defined. These themes arediscussed against previous research as well as theory and result in a series of tensions andconvictions that form the main results of the study. The conclusion is that the public sectordoes not always understand the value of the new service. At the same time, it is difficult forthe supplier to offer new services according to the needs and requirements of the publicsector. I procure visible effects that affect and question the public organization.

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