Behöver allt verkligen vara omni? - En explorativ studie om kundens upplevelser av likheter och skillnader i en omnikanalkontext.

Detta är en C-uppsats från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

Sammanfattning: Today most companies and retailers use more than one channel to reach out with their products and services to their customers (Neslin et al, 2006). There are different levels of integration between the different channels (Cao & Li, 2015), where omni-channel is at the end of the spectrum of integration (Verhoef, 2015). It can be referred to as a complete alignment of the different channels and touchpoints and is, by many, regarded to result in an optimal customer experience (Coupey, 2016). This is something that many companies today strive for. However, there is little research addressing what customers actually think about channels' integration, resemblances and differences. This paper explores if it is necessary to establish full integration across channels from the consumer's point of view. The study was conducted by a case study using a qualitative and exploratory method. Eight interviews and observations were made that observed how customers act in three different channels : physical store, computer and mobile phone. The study was limited to retailers in the clothing industry. The main conclusion from the results indicates that companies' channels does not have to be fully integrated and that in many cases it is preferred to have separate channels that are optimized independently. Since this paper is an explorative study, none of the results were generalized. Nevertheless, it has opened up for new subjects within the field that could be investigated in further research.

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