Kvinnors upplevda behov av uppföljning hos barnmorska tiden efter förlossning

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Sammanfattning: Background: It is a major change to become a mother for the first time. The midwife has an important role in supporting and strengthening the woman´s way into motherhood. The woman is offered a follow-up visit at a maternity care central six to twelve weeks after childbirth. There is a “gap” between when the woman leaves the maternity ward until the time of the follow-up visit. More research is needed to determine what a woman request for after childbirth.Aim: The aim was to describe how primiparous perceive transition to motherhood and their needs for a follow-up with the midwife at the maternity care central during the time between discharge from maternity ward to the follow-up visit.Method: Qualitative interviews with seven primiparas were performed in the southwest of Sweden. The material was analysed using qualitative content analysis.Result: The analysis led to three main categories: Experience of transition to motherhood, Needs for follow-up and Needs for information. Based on these, ten subcategories were designed; Imagination of motherhood, Experience of a conversion, A sensitive period of time, More focus on mental health, Concern about the healing process, Causes of contact with health professionals, Wish for earlier contact with midwife at maternity care central, Needs for confirmation from the midwife, Information about the postpartum period and Information about whom to contact.Conclusion: The interviewed desired a prior follow-up rather than the follow-up visit to their midwife at the maternity care central. The women expressed a need to talk to their midwife, with whom they had a relationship, about their experience of becoming a mother. There was also a need for a midwife to do an earlier examination to confirm the healing of the genital.Keyword: Primiparous, Needs, Follow-up, Maternity care central, Postpartum

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