”När farsan sa att han inte ville ha mig och pekade på dörren gick jag bara ut” : – ungdomars upplevelser och erfarenheter av att rymma eller kastas ut hemifrån

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete - Socialhögskolan; Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete - Socialhögskolan


This thesis has been written within the research project “Tillfälligt Uppbrott”, which concerns youths who have run away or been thrown out of their homes. The project is based on a na-tional poll among more than 3000 high school students. Our purpose has been to study youths who have left home and their own experiences. We have looked at all the question-naires in which the youths stated they had left home and focused on their answers to five open questions. The answers have been categorized in themes and the results have been put up against a certain amount of background variables. The concentration is foremost qualitative but there are also features of quantitive data. In our analysis we have used the new sociology of childhood which is based on social constructionism. In our result we have learned what the youths see as the reasons for the breakups, what they missed, how they provided for them-selves and what happened to them during the time away from home, as well as gotten exam-ples on how the experience affected them, both positively and negatively.

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