DET LYCKLIGA LIVET PÅ INSTAGRAM : En diskursanalys av influencers konstruerande av lycka

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Umeå centrum för genusstudier (UCGS)

Sammanfattning: Female influencers have during the last years reached great success on social media, they are popular and influential with a lot of followers who they have a close bond with. Therefore, they are frequently used as a third part of corporate marketing strategies. The content on social media have however been criticised for only presenting an edited and happy picture of life. Thereby, the purpose of this study was to analyse the five biggest influencers in Sweden and their self-representation concerning happiness on Instagram. More specifically to study how happiness is constructed discursively. The study was based on posts published during 2018 and was conducted through a discourse analysis inspired by Laclau and Mouffe, focusing on happiness as an empty signifier. The theoretical starting point of this essay was based on Ahmed´s (2010) argumentations about happiness, Gill´s (2007) understanding of postfeminism and Hochschild´s (2003) comprehension of feelings as a part of labour. The results showed that happiness was both expressed as a process and as a state of mind, where happiness either could be reached through change and improvement or by loving yourself just the way you are. The results also showed that happiness was used as a tool within their self-representation in order to market products and services. Furthermore, their relationships were constructed as an ideal for a happy life. Finally, setbacks and problems were expressed as an opportunity to grow and learn in order to experience greater happiness in the future.

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