Kvinnliga styrketränarens syn på doping : En kvalitativ studie om kvinnors upplevelse och attityd mot doping i sin gymmiljö.

Detta är en L2-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Introduction: The use of doping has become more normal outside of performance sports. People working out at the gym focus on creating a perfect body image. Social media shows us how we should look or eat to become more accepted by society. The female body image has changed over the years. Now it is more normal for women to have muscles but it is still important to remain their curves. Purpose: The purpose with this study is to get at deeper understanding how female weight lifters experience doping in their gym environment. We even look into how and if the body image affects women`s tolerance against doping. Methodology: The study uses a qualitative approach. Collection of data is done by personal and separate interviews. Results: The majority sees a connection between the female body image and the use of doping but thinks it is more common that young girl get affected. The participants have a negative attitude against doping and considers it as cheating. They mention that there is a fear of side effects. 

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