Gentrifiering på Drottninghög? - Olika sätt att motverka gentrifiering i den utvecklande stadsdelen Drottninghög i Helsingborg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Sammanfattning: Drottninghög is a neighborhood in Helsingborg, Sweden that was almost entirely built during Miljonprogrammet, a housing project conducted between 1965-1975 in Sweden with the goal of building housing for a hundred thousand people each year during its ten year run. Drottninghög has for a longer period of time been in need of restoration and development. Hence, the municipality of Helsingborg as well as the municipality owned housing company Helsingborgshem initiated projekt DrottningH in 2011, with the end goal of restoring and most importantly developing the neighborhood substantially until 2035. With urban renewal projects such as these, gentrification is often at risk of occuring and needs to be dealt with. The main intention of this study is therefore to uncover how the major actors of DrottningH works with preventing gentrification from taking place in Drottninghög. To acquire empirical material for the study, two interviews were conducted with persons of interest for projekt DrottningH. Results showed that the main actors of projekt DrottningH work to prevent gentrification from happening in Drottninghög in at least the following ways: by owning the vast majority of the housing in the area and making it affordable for low income residents, by conducting continuous dialogs with the residents in Drottninghög on what they want and need to see in the area, by conducting a project with the intent to bring more people from Drottninghög into employment and education, by collaborating exclusively with privately owned housing companies that care for the area and that strive to make it an area not affected by gentrification, by being flexible in their renovation plans and making it affordable for the residents, by using investment aids from the government to make the area more affordable, and by also working towards eliminating social displacement and not only physical.

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