It must be a bad child

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Konstfack/Keramik & Glas

Sammanfattning: It must be a bad child I build rooms, installations, where I combine objects into scenes.  This scene is an attempt to portray feelings and mental states surrounding sexual abuse. I'm building a girls' room, but it's more of a psychological place than a real room. I want to let the girl take place and show a trauma that lives in the hidden, depending on the environment not seeing, in the public space.  It's about living with memories of a trauma in a traumatized body. I place two larger sculptures in the installation, a girl and a woman, who share the (mental) room. Selection of materials is an important part of my practice. In my installations there is almost always a feeling of discomfort, that things are not what they seem at first. I use the expectations that exist around different materials and what they symbolize and create uncertainty in the room by, for example, giving them new places and functions. I use film to get movement into the installation. The sculptures come to life through the film. The film contains no sound when I see the state I portray as silent.  

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