Ställ upp på led! : En vetenskaplig essä om individens subjektifieringsprocess i fritidshemmets gruppbaserade struktur

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: This scientific essay is based on a self experienced situation from my work in after-school activities. Suddenly I find myself in a situation that is not thought through were the only goal is to transfer the students in the school area. I am asking them to stand in line to go to the lunch cafeteria. An obstacle occurs when the students fail or refuses to stand in line, which demands me to reflect over what just has happened. Through this I am stimulated to increase my understanding of the situation. The purpose of this essay is to investigate effects in the initially unreflected structure which is being used in afterschool activities. The standing in line is here used as a representation of that group-based structure. My three main focus areas for this research is learning, power and the tension between individuals and a group. To illustrate the effects in afterschool group-based structure I have chosen a hermeneutic writing. Foucault enriches my knowledge on the complexity of power perspectives that is being revealed in the situation. Through Asap Bartholdsson I am introduced to the concept of ”friendly power” (my translation). With the support of Gert Biestas ́s theories about ”qualification, socialization and subjectification”. I investigate the learning which is not immediately visible. Broadys view on the hidden curriculum shows me a new perspective on the structure and education in after-school activities as normative learning. By the analysis of the tension between individuals and the group I have made visible that the seeing made by the teacher has a big role to play. Also it has become clear that the students individuality and integrity sometimes has to take a step back in favour of the group and vice versa. But if this interaction is balanced it has an enriching effect on both perspectives. 

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