Kalvningssvårigheter och dödfödslar hos SH och SRB

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Animal Nutrition and Management

Sammanfattning: Over the past three decades, calf mortality has increased in Swedish Red and Swedish Holstein dairy cows. This is mainly due to the use of imported semen from Holstein bulls from US which has generated bigger calves and because of this, calving difficulty has increased. It is possible that changes in the feeding and management of these cows can counteract some of the problems. In this literature review various issues are raised and discussed such as the cows’ age and anatomy, the calf's sex and weight, feed rations, vitamins and calving assistance. The conclusion showed that over - and undernutrition and lack of vitamin E in SRB and Holstein increase the number of stillbirths and calving difficulty in these breeds. Even early assistance, non-assistance and/or ignorance from animal keepers at calving increased calving difficulties and stillbirths. Correct amounts of feed and vitamin E in pregnant heifers and cows together with well-trained stockmen could reduce stillbirths and calving difficulty in SRB and Holstein.

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