McDonalds CSR-arbete : Utvecklingen och orsakerna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Industriell produktion; KTH/Industriell produktion

Författare: Erik Jonasson-lybeck; Andreas Pettersson; [2012]

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CSR - "Corporate Social Responsibility" is a concept that in recent years has become of bigger importance for companies. Even at McDonald's, which quickly grew into today's 217 restaurants, with up to 430 000 visitors daily. We have investigated how the McDonald's CSR work has evolved over time, how it looks today and what has influenced this development. Things that have influenced McDonald's and led to their CSR work proved to be scandals and changes in legislations. The PR value of working with CSR has also increased and a lot of the CSR work has shown to be economically viable. To obtain the information needed to complete the work we have both made use of qualitative and quantitative information. The implementation is done by first researching on the internet and reading old reports and then filling in with information from interviews and email conversations. Much of the empirical data that was collected was similar to the theory previously developed. When we looked at McDonald's historical CSR work, it was noticeably evident that their environmental involvement increased significantly over time. A couple of scandals that have clearly influenced the McDonald's CSR work were also found. Where McDonald's has been actively following scandals in order to restore face. Finally, noteworthy was that the financial savings that CSR work led to was greater than expected. Reducing their energy consumption led to lower electricity cost, reducing the size of packaging led to reduced costs in both manufacturing and disposal, and working to prevent scandal turned out to be cheaper than being involved in them.

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