Textanalys av två religionskunskapsläromedel utifrån ett genusperspektiv

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Högskolan Dalarna/Religionsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this essay was to make a text analysis from a gender perspectiveand a comparison between two new religious teaching materials from grade 7-9.The aim was to gain a better understanding of how gender-conscious the teachingmaterials are and whether there are differences and similarities in therepresentation of the sexes. If the teaching materials contains differences andsimilarities, it may be interesting to understand why women may be visible orabsent through a structural perspective. Finally, the results of the text analysiswould be linked and compared to lgr11's guidelines. The essay has theories fromauthors like Edwertz and Lundström, Ågren and Florén and Jeanette Sky. Previousresearch shows the following results based on the gender ladder: 75% of the courseliterature in teacher education lacked a gender equality perspective and 90% of theliterature lacked a gender perspective. One of the teaching aids have a better scorein the gender ladder, which means that the teaching aid has a better genderconsciousand a better gender equality. Teaching aids that have a higher score inthe gender ladder also fits better with the requirement of lgr11. The survey resultsshows that one teaching aid is more related and gender-conscious than the other.The teaching aid that has a lower score in the gender ladder has a habit ofmaintaining gender-strengthening myths where the man is active, and the womanis more passive. This situation forces the teacher to supplement the teaching aidswith a gender perspective on their own.

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