Patient generated health data and its effects on user experience in digital healthcare

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: By the year of 2025, Sweden aims to be the best country in the world at using the opportunities offered by digitalization in healthcare. One way to digitalize healthcare is through the use of connected health devices and patient generated health data. So far, most research regarding patient generated health data in healthcare have been focusing on applications concerning chronically ill people, where research agrees upon the great benefits. However, the applications and benefits in primary healthcare is less investigated. From a user experience perspective, this Master Thesis explored the relevance and applicability with patient generated health data for one of the two biggest digital primary healthcare providers in Sweden. The main focus was to present possible application areas, design a user experience and detect user benefits of including patient generated health data at digital health centres. To understand the future of connected health and user needs, a literature review and multiple user interviews were conducted. The gained insights were converted into storyboards with user interfaces and tested through low fidelity prototypes in order to design a user experience concept. The Master Thesis implied that patient generated health data could bring great potential to digital health centres. In the near future, the most relevant and applicable approach is through self-diagnostics, momentary snapshots of state of health and monitored awaiting and treatment processes. In regard to the user experience of digital health services, patient generated health data might result in more engaged patients and move the focus from doctors to patients. Furthermore, digital healthcare services might be perceived as more trustworthy and qualitative when including health data.

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