Kvinnors upplevelse av sin sexuella hälsa under och efter menopaus

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Sammanfattning: Background: Menopause is a natural part of a woman's life that is associated with hormonaland physical changes and means the end of the reproductive period. Menopause is associatedwith a number of symptoms that can affect sexual health. The experience of menopause is notonly about the woman's physical changes and symptoms but is largely influenced by thesociocultural context in which she lives. The midwife should have competence and be able toinform about menopause, have an understanding of the culture's impact on women's experienceand promote women's sexual health from a life cycle perspective Aim: The purpose is to shedlight on women's experience of their sexual health in the phase’s menopause andpostmenopause. Method: Systematic literature review with a qualitative approach whereliterature search was performed in the databases Cinahl, PubMed and PsycInfo. The searchresulted in the inclusion of twelve qualitative articles. The material was processed using contentanalysis. Results: The results of the study are based on three main categories, Sexual desire,The relationship entered a new phase and Contextual influence with a total of seven subcategories.The results show that women's experience of menopause is complex and affectswomen's sexual health to varying degrees. The external factors such as the cultural context theylived in, friends' experiences, physical changes, stress, expectations from partners regardingintercourse affected the women's health mentally and physically. Conclusion: The mostprominent impact on sexual health in menopause was a decline in libido, the causes weredescribed as complex and were explained to be due to biological, physical and social causes.The experience of sexual health in menopause is individual and is greatly influenced by thewoman's context and expectations.Keywords: menopause, postmenopause, sexual health, systematic literature review

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