FREDSTAN - Kommersialiseringen av Sydöstra city i Göteborg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: Public space is an indispensable part of all urban spaces and is central to successful placemarkeWng of a posWndustrial city. Public spaces also carry social, economic and symbolicvalues. The planning of these public spaces is oaen achieved though public-privet partnerships.The balance in this relaWonship will manifest in the physical space. This study aims to describe andanalyse these public-privet partnerships in Sydöstra city / Fredstan. In order to achieve this aim,the following research quesWons were formulated and answered:- Who are the primary stakeholders in the project of Sydöstra city / Fredstan?- What ideas and visions of Sydöstra city / Fredstan as a public space are expressed by thesestakeholders?These quesWons were answered by means of a case study of Sydöstra city / Fredstan. The casestudy started with a document analysis, where selected planning documents from the respecWvestakeholders were analysed qualitaWvely to answer the research quesWons. The analysis of theplanning documents resulted in the establishment of four different themes that describe theactors’ visions and interest for the area’s development. The document study was supported byinterviews with some of the stakeholders.The case study findings point to three stakeholders; Göteborg stad, Hufvudstaden and Vasakronan.It further shows that these stakeholders acWvely work together, and this public-private partnershipwhich points to Gothenburg being an entrepreneurial city. The three stakeholders have alreadysuccessfully begun making the atmosphere of the public spaces of Sydöstra city / Fredstanincreasingly exclusive. A tonal shia which all stakeholders believe themselves to benefit from.

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