Frigör den outnyttjade potentialen! – en kvalitativ studie om möjligheterna att etablera ett kollaborativt forskningsfält mellan neurovetenskap, psykologi och pedagogik

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för didaktik och pedagogisk profession

Sammanfattning: According to Swedish school authorities and the Education Act all education should be basedon science and proven experience (Skolverket, 2020). Scientific based means that knowledgefrom scientific studies should be a starting point when schools plan, conduct and evaluate theiroperations. How learning happens has been proven in many research studies, but thisknowledge does not seem to filter down to the education programs or to the teacher students.Purpose:The purpose of the study is to investigate and analyze the possibilities of establishing acollaborative field of research between pedagogy, neuroscience, and psychology. Where thedifferent fields of research interact in a fruitful manner and thus develop the knowledge aboutlearning and how this knowledge can improve learning itself.Research questions:“What would be the benefits of establishing a collaborative field of research betweenneuroscience, pedagogy and psychology”?“What might be the obstacles and barriers in establishing a collaborative field of researchbetween neuroscience, pedagogy and psychology”?Methodology:We have used a qualitative research approach and conducted interviews with eight leadingresearchers from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and pedagogy. The interviews weredone in a semi structured and elaborative way.Main Results:The study identified benefits on several levels. It would create synergies between differentresearch fields that would increase the knowledge about educational neuroscience which willimprove both teacher education and the actual teaching in the classroom.The main identified obstacles were:Different philosophies on how to conduct research creates ideological tensions. There is nocommon view on what this research field should include which creates confusion. The gapbetween neuroscience and pedagogy is still wide and need to be bridged with cognitive modelsfrom psychology.

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