Officersprofessionen : En studie om den grundläggande officersutbildningen och hur den kan stödja professionen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: The Swedish Armed Forces distributed in the early 2016 an official document named, Our Military Profession. The document states that all the categories of personnel in the defense forces should be included in the conception of a profession. This purpose could be hard to combine with some military profession scholars which are having trouble to arrange all categories under the same term. Therefore it is possible to see a contrast between the opinions from both sides. A Profession is defined by a high degree of specialized academic knowledge. This is distributed within the military occupation thru the basic officer's training, which in Sweden consists of both officer's – and non-commissioned officers (NCO) training. The purpose of this study is to examine the content of the training within the education plans and syllabuses, and thru a theoretical profession analysis draw conclusions that can improve the training. This study should answer the question: to what extent does the basic officer training support the officers' occupation as a profession? The study uses the principles for action research as an overall design. An analysis tool that builds on military profession research is developed in order to facilitate the survey. The result of the study indicates that both the officer's and NCO's basic training supports the occupation as a profession to a high degree. The analysis of the officer's training shows that it fulfils most of the criteria for a profession. The analysis of the NCO's training indicates that it foremost fulfils the criteria, expertise.

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