”Sitt stilla, var tysta!” : En essä om elevers behov av fysisk aktivitet och rörelse i skola och fritidshem

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: This is an essay about pupil’s need for movement and physical activity in school and in afterschool centers. My story is about an afternoon at the after-school center where the pupil’s possibilities to move is severely limited, even though some pupils show an obvious need to move. The purpose of the essay is to examine how the school and the after-school center can establish conditions to support the pupils in the best way regarding physical activity. I start from questions about how the school can design the activities to meet all different needs and about where the responsibility lies to create conditions for everyone to have the opportunity to move daily. I use scholarly essay writing as a research method. A method where I start from a self-experienced event and where I then examine and reflect on my experience with the helpof different theoretical perspectives. By examining the different parts of the curriculum and which positive health effects physical activity has, I discuss why and how schools can work with it. The most important conclusion I can draw from my essay is that the school can and should take great responsibility for the pupil’s physical activity. The positive health effects that physical activity results in, both physical and mental, should make it important for the whole school to work with. I see great opportunities to make physical activity and movement a natural part of the daily activities in both school and in the after-school center. 

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