Improving Type 1 DiabetesPatients’ Quality of LifeThrough Data Collection

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Medicinteknik och hälsosystem

Sammanfattning: Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a complex chronic disease without treatment. When anindividual is diagnosed with T1D they are taught how to monitor blood glucoselevel as well as external insulin administration. While this management strategyhelps prolong the individual’s life, there are other lifestyle factors not consideredthat negatively impact the patients’ life. This thesis aims to investigate the types of data that can be gathered to benefit T1D patients and healthcare specialists by improving life quality. To do so, the work employs a literature review and its qualitative analysis, aninterviewing process and its qualitative analysis as well as overall findings analysiswhere data is interpreted in order to identify areas of interest, common topics andtrends. 43 literature publications, 3 healthcare professionals and 3 T1D patientsparticipated in this study. Results show initial education is limited leaving patients to initiate their ownresearch which could be a cause for stress. Technological integration does not seemchallenging provided the right training of more complex solutions. Education asa means to reduce stress seems effective both for patients but also for their socialnetworks. Finally, there are currently useful data markers not being used that couldprovide a wider range of information to healthcare specialists aiding in better patientcare and improved T1D patients’ Quality of Life (QOL). To conclude, T1D is a complex chronic disease that requires both clinical andnon-clinical interventions. It is not sufficient to only address its clinical implicationsbut is important to investigate factors that impact the lifestyle and quality of life. Byextracting proper data markers, collecting and analyzing them, it is believed thattechnology can assist healthcare and ultimately improve T1D patient’s quality oflife.

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