Operationssjuksköterskors uppfattningar, erfarenheter och behov rörande sin professionella roll i traumasituationen

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Sammanfattning: Background: In 2018 over 8800 patients were registered in the Swedish Trauma Registry. About 10% of these patients needed surgery. The surgical unit is a high-risk environment and the function of the multidiciplinary team relies on cooperative skills. Trauma simulations are an effective way of improving the non-technical skills among trauma teams. The operating room nurse has an important role in the surgical team maintaining patient safety.Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate operating room nurses’ experiences and needs in taking care of the trauma patient in the surgical unit.Method: This study was performed with a qualitative approach. Data collection with semi-structured questions was followed out with eight operating room nurses (six female and two male) from two hospitals in Western Sweden. All informants had experience of participating in trauma surgery. Their age varied from 33 to 62 (mean: 41,5 and median: 37,5) years and their experience in the profession varied from 4 to 38 (mean: 13,4 and median: 9,5) years. Data analysis was performed with qualitative content analysis according to Granheim and Lundman.Results: The operating room nurses stated their experience of taking care of trauma patients as limited. They highlighted the importance of clear communication and good leadership in the trauma situation. They also meant that the operating room nurse should be included in the trauma team at the emergency room and wished to participate in trauma education for operating room nurses.Conclusion: Since 10% of the trauma patients according to the Swedish Trauma Registry need surgery it is important that operating room nurses are qualified to take care of these patients. Therefore, it is of importance that they are given the possibility to improve their competence in trauma care to feel secure in their professional role and to maintain patient safety.

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