Var är min plats idag? : En studie i hur aktivitetszoners funktioner kan kommuniceras i det digitala rummet för en bättre användarupplevelse på aktivitetbaserat flexkontor.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Sammanfattning: This thesis is in the field of information design with a focus on spatial design. The study has been conducted to investigate how theories and methods in information design can be applied to digitally communicate activity zone functions in an activity-based flex office. Previous research indicates that one of the biggest challenges with the transition from celloffice to activity-based flex office is that the new way of working is not used as planned. A zoning that is obvious to everyone is recommended. The thesis includes a study of how employees relate to the workplace and how they interact with the digital tool Campuskartan, which has been applied to facilitate the everyday work. The methodological work includes a physical and digital site analysis that describes and evaluates visual elements and functions. It also includes an analysis of the factors that indicate strengths and challenges in terms of the interaction between the physical and the digital space. Employees at Mälardalen University have functioned as a focus group to capture needs from a user perspective and a qualitative interview with an expert have contributed good insights to the study. Subsequently, a participatory observation has been implemented to understand the university's communication work and overall goals with the transition to a new way of working. The study also has a scientific theoretical basis that includes previous research in activitybased flex office and how the digitalization has affected how we work. The study highlights theories in, among other things, visual communication and cognition as well as interaction design. With support from the methodological work, previous research and theories, a visual concept has been created in order to digitally communicate the functions of the activity zones and how employees can relate to them.

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