"Sport är männens värld" : En kvantitativ studie om genusrepresentation bland Hallandspostens sportsidor under april och oktober 2014

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad


Title: "Sport is the men's world" - a quantitative content analysts about the gender representation in Hallandsposten's sport pages during april and october 2014.

Authors: Martin Laanemets & Maria Narevik

Tutor: Ronny Severinsson

Examiner: Ebba Sundin

Semester: Spring 2016

Number of words: 13 249

Aim: This study aims to examine how the local newspaper Hallandsposten in Sweden portrays male and female ahtletes in the sport pages during april and october 2014.


Is the gender-representation in Hallandsposten dominated by men?

  • How does the gender-representation look like among male and female athletes in Hallandsposten?
  • How does the representation look like among elite- and width-sports?

  • How is the relation between space and gender?

  • How is the relation between space and varoius types of sport?

  • Is the current distribution focusing on the athletes accomplishments or their personal life?

Theory: Our theoretical starting point is the idea of gender where men is the norm and women are marginalized. We base our study on theories of masculinity, framing and gender power order.

Method: We perfomed a quantitative analysis where we counted all of the sports articles in Hallandsposten with a local aspect during april and october 2014. Furthermore we selected articles that was analysed to the content analysis where the main purpose was to explain and give examples on how both genders are being portayed.

Results: The quantitative study showed that 77,9 percent of the articles were about men. It’s a clear domination of male athletes and we could see a few patterns in how female athletes were trivialized and how the accomplishments is not as important as the male’s.

Keywords: gender, Hallandsposten, framing, agenda theory, sports 

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