Framtagning av ett fästelementssystem

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Innovation och produktrealisering

Sammanfattning: This study focuses on providing innovative solutions to assist workers lacking technical knowledge at Husmuttern AB to assemble its products. The Swedish company produces standardized building-sections that can be assembled to build model-houses, and other forms of buildings in mobile factories. The company’s vision is to provide opportunities for inexperienced labors and newcomers to Sweden, and so playing a positive role in integrating immigrants into the Swedish market and society. To actualize this ambition, this paper aims specifically at developing tools/products that assist unskilled workers to reduce the margin of errors in determining where and how the screws will be placed when combining the wooden beams and plywood boards, which form the building sections.   Semis-structured interviews with workers at Husmuttern AB were conducted to identify problems associated with the working process. Ullman’s product-developing method was employed to develop the facilitative tools. Several concepts were developed and compared in an attempt to find the best solution for the given problem(s), and eventually two proposed products were presented: the first is a template where holes are located to mark where the screws should be placed. The other product is basically an inclined plane with a drill-guide to direct the screw in the correct gradient and prevent the screw from moving through the process.

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