SAB-SYSTEMETS AVDELNING Y : Dåtid, nutid, framtid

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: This Master's thesis concerns the classification of compact discs according to the Swedish classification system, SAB. The purpose of this thesis is to critically study and discuss category Y of the SAB-system and its application in Swedish public libraries. The classification system has undergone great changes from the first edition in 1921 until today. In 1921 there were no musical recordings in Swedish libraries, today they are responsible for a large part of the loans. We discuss how the system's category Y has corresponded with the musical development. By making interviews with classification experts and conducting an opinion poll to public libraries in Scania, we have examined the theoretical as well as practical use of the system. The results of our research show that category Y has, with some exceptions, been compatible with the musical progress. Even though the system itself has to have a certain amount of continuity, it also has to be adjustable. A thesaurus has been developed for this cause by a classification group. Another predicament seems to be how to apply the classification. A gap exists between cataloguers and library staff. Since most public libraries tend not to catalogue their cd:s themselves, they have become dependant on full time cataloguers who don?t have much, if any, contact with everyday work in a public library. The library staff's knowledge of the search methods of the library users is essential if the classification is to be meaningful. In the essay's conclusion we give suggestions how to bridge the gap through reference groups on national and regional levels. These groups would be directed towards library staff, a forum in which they would be able to confer with one another regarding music in public libraries. Hopefully this, combined with the thesaurus concerning musical terms, would lead to a substantial improvement on behalf of the public libraries and its users.

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