Lights out -Music on, En systematisk litteraturöversikt om musikens inverkan på säker vård inom den intraoperativa vårdkontexten

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Sammanfattning: Background: Music was played in an OR already as early as the beginning of the 20th century. It has since been proven to be a powerful stimulus for the brain and can lead to positive effect of improved concentration, sensory-motor function and heightened feelings. Previous research has studied the effects of music on the patient, before, during and after surgery. An area that has not been explored to the same extent is the influence of music on the intraoperative staff. Team cooperation and good communication are the prerequsities of safe care and are therefore key concepts in the context of perioperative care. Aim: To review and summarize scientific literature that has studied the influence of music on staff within the intraoperative context.Method: A systematic litterature search was conducted in the databases Pubmed, Scopus and Cinahl. Studies that explored the perceptions of intraoperative staff, on the influence of music played in the OR, were included. These were independently and separately assessed by the authors regarding quality. Eight studies were included in the review and these were compiled in a table according to their quality and contents. Results: The articles showed that at the respondents´ workplaces, music was played on a daily basis, or at least a several days a week. In all of the questionnaires included into this review, the majority of the respondents shared a positive attitude towards music in the OR. The music was experienced to have both positive and negative effects on the staff. Enhanced performance was mentioned, but also disturbance.Conclusion: The result showed that music played in the OR effects the staff in many different ways, and that it can produce both positive and negative impact on: communication, team cooperation and patient safety. This review consists primarily of questionnaires, whichimplies a lower quality of evidence and the result should be viewed accordingly.

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