Requirement Management in Product Development in B2B : A Study on the Process of Capturing Customer Requirements

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM); KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Sammanfattning: Our world is ever-changing hence the surroundings ought to develop accordingly. This applies particularly to the product development process and therefore, it is of high priority to adapt to the changes. This can be achieved by observing the market and especially the customers. It is believed that customers possess certain knowledge that can be crucial pieces of information when developing products. According to the literature, involving customer will result in the increased diversity of information and as a result, this may enhance the quality as well as the development process. Nevertheless, integrating customers may prove to be a tedious task as well as a costly one especially if the customers are of a complex nature. Due to this, it may be appropriate to apply various methods to map customer’s needs and requirements to further develop them in a systematic manner. The purpose of this study is to gain greater knowledge about customer involvement, mainly focusing on international as well as complex customers. The essence of the study is to obtain information about how an organisation navigates around customers along with what roles and responsibilities there are within the organisations. The study was conducted at Xolaris, a smallmedium size (SME) company within software development, hence the collected data stems from that organisation. Initially, a comparative literature study was executed to obtain a broader spectrum of knowledge. This was complemented by interviews with respondents who held relevant positions within the organisation. The interviews were conducted in a semi-structured manner for the sole purpose of optimizing the information flow. From the data that was collected, several categories were derived that contributed to the study in a suitable manner. The results of the study proved that there are obstacles when involving customers. Yet, there are methods and tools to overcome these obstacles, conversely, they may not always prove to be efficient and one must adapt oneself according to the situation. Furthermore, this study confirmed that it is of great importance to maintain stable customer relationships, hence there cannot be a fixed method to process the customer's requirements. Moreover, the study also proves there ought to be a limit to the degree of customer involvement.

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