Betydelsen av psykosociala stressorer på arbetsrelaterad stress

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: The following study aimed to investigate if the perceived social support and role expectations predicted the work-related stress in health care personnel working for Region Skåne. Based on the purpose, the study sought to answer the following question: How does social support and role expectations predict the work-related stress of employees in Region Skåne? The selection was recruited through a goal-oriented selection. The data was then collected through a questionnaire created from two standardized scales. From the survey a multiple regression was made of the factors that had previously shown significance. The regression revealed a significant negative prediction between social support and work-related stress but also between role expectations and work-related stress. The result from the multiple regression also showed that the effect size was large and thus explained a large part of the variance. Significant predictions also emerged when these factors were divided into subfactors where managerial support and role conflict contributed most to the variance. Finally, both social support and role expectations are important when it comes to predicting work-related stress. Associated with this, it was concluded that much of the responsibility for this lay with the nearest manager based on the factors examined.

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