Företagsmoral möter klimatneutral : en kritisk diskursanalys av "Netto Noll Klimatavtryck"

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Humanekologi

Sammanfattning: In our time we are well aware of the anthropogenic induced effects of climate change. We as consumers have a choice every time we eat a meal. Is it locally produced and organic or was it flown in from the other side of the world? Food industries are well aware that being ”green” is something that more and more consumers are striving for. If a company offers a climate friendly product to a reasonable price, chances are that people will buy it. This essay uses a case study approach to understand a dairy company’s marketing as climate neutral and its use of climate compensation. With a critical discourse analysis, the aim is to find certain themes used in a specific Swedish context, where a dairy company will benefit of marketing their products as climate neutral. The result was that the company used specific words such as farmer, our responsibility and ecological to justify the dairy industry. The company connected its sustainability work to broader discourses of climate change and claiming that natures’ resilience will benefit from cow’s pastures. At a structural level, climate compensation fits in a market-based logic as well as values of “Swedishness”. This supported the company’s claim that their ecological products are climate neutral even though they are not. The real environmental effect is not accounted for.

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