När ett barn får cancer : En litteraturstudie om närståendes erfarenheter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Röda Korsets Högskola

Sammanfattning: Background: Cancer is the most occurring reason for death of children in high-income countries. About 300 children are every year diagnosed with cancer in Sweden, approximately 80% survives their illness. When a child undergoes cancer treatment it is of importance to nclude the child along with their next of kin in the treatment and in conversations regarding treatment. While the sick child tends to be in focus, it is common for next of kins’ feelings to be overlooked. Aim: To describe the experiences of next of kin when a child has been diagnosed with cancer. Method: A literature study with a qualitative study design has been chosen for the implementation, based on ten scientific articles with a qualitative approach. A thematic analysis has been applied to formulate the study’s themes. Result: The results revealed four different themes, which have two sub-themes each. These themes are Information, Experiences, Impact on everyday life and Support. Conclusion: The importance of providing good support and having a good attitude and understanding for the child who has been diagnosed with cancer and their next of kin has been established. Anxiety and stress are emotions experienced by the next of kin during and after the child’s treatment.

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