Från vägg till canvas : Värderingar kring Banksy´s bilder genom byte av omgivande kontext

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Estetisk-filosofiska fakulteten


This thesis in Art History and Visual Science is about values to graffiti and graffiti artist Banksy. I have studied values relating to Banksy´s graffiti images through which context they are placed in and where they are located. I have selected two different images of Banksy as an example on the basis of a transnational phenomenon, where the images that circulate in the public arena by street art and other images and imported into the galleries and consumption market. My conclusion is that the values of the images are based on the context in which each room have its surroundings and that therefore the impression will increase. The public space context, signal availability and the white cube context indicates art, and the commercial context signals goods and items that can be bought. Therefore the values for the images are based on the context in which each room says to the environment and the surrounding impressions accruing to the picture. Hence, when Banksy's images circulate in these three rooms they are received and valued based on which place the pictures are in, based on context and the background ideas you have for the expression.

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