Gruppdynamik : en social gemenskap

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


The purpose of this work is to create more knowledge about the teacher's perceptions of group dynamics and its impact on school activities. How do teachers opportunities and obstacles in order to influence group dynamics among students. The questions I have answered is how the teachers see the importance of a functioning group dynamics in school, how teachers work with group dynamics and how teachers describe the opportunities and obstacles for effective group dynamics. The method I am using at work is a qualitative research method that involves obtaining the teachers' own thoughts, feelings and experiences around the right questions. I have interviewed three teachers in primary schools in the county of Stockholm to find out their particular approach. The theory I have assumed is that the teacher's attitude affects group dynamics in class, where a democratic approach should permeate the teaching and its values. They summarized the conclusions I have is that teachers have a major impact on the group's importance and that they are working from it in different ways. The benefits of a working group dynamics is that you get a sense of security in the class to be developed further. How this security is created by the interaction between the teacher and the group where the teacher's value system work becomes central. Teachers agree that they have considerable potential to influence the dynamics of class and see obstacles including language difficulties, conflicts, and many different views to consider.

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