Ett mål som missar målet - En kvantitativ studie om hur sinnestillståndet arousal påverkar den kognitiva förmågan och mottagligheten för reklambudskap i sportsammanhang

Detta är en C-uppsats från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

Sammanfattning: Today, sport events play an important part of companies´ marketing strategies. This is mostly due to the huge interest sport manages to evoke among people. Thus, commercial costs during these events are extensive and at times even excessive. Therefore, it is of great importance for a company that the receiver of the commercial fully understands, and is able to interpret, the message. However, the emotional stage of arousal that sport events can induce could potentially aggravate the cognitive ability and thereby interfere with the understanding of the message. This study aims to further investigate the impact that arousal, evoked by sport, tend to have on the cognitive ability. In addition, it will examine how the cognitive ability could potentially affect the receptiveness and generate different attitudes, intentions and associations towards the brand. By investigating the presented aspects with a quantitative approach, the following conclusions have been drawn. Arousal in sport events affect an individual's cognitive ability negatively, which results in difficulties to interpret complex messages in commercials. Moreover, depending on the level of an individual's emotional stage in terms of arousal and the complexity of the following commercial's message will influence formed attitudes, intentions and associations towards the brand. The result of this study emphasizes the importance for companies to be aware of the receiver's emotional stage as the commercial airs during a sport event.

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