Språkscreening vid 2,5 års ålder med Westerlunds 3-årsmetod

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Logopedi


To identify children at risk of developing a language disability, the majority of Swedish

Child Health Centers (CHCs) have since the early 90’s conducted language screening

with 3-year olds using Westerlund’s method or with 2,5-year olds using Miniscalco’s

method. The National Board of Health and Welfare has published a new national child

healthcare program (Socialstyrelsen, 2014b) in which the language screening in Uppsala

municipality needs to resituate to when the child is 2,5 years old. This is due to the fact

that a team evaluation is going to be performed when the child is 3 years old. The study

aimed to evaluate the process and screened 70 children in 4 CHCs with a revised

version of Westerlund’s method. That method was chosen because of the fact that

nurses at CHC’s in Uppsala already use it on 3-year olds. Out of the 70 children, 16

failed and were followed up at 3 years of age. By then 9/16 failed again. This gives the

screening 44% false positive results, which means that 44% of the children that

screened positive are not actually at risk of developing a language disability. The same

number for Westerlund’s original method is 4,5% (2/44) and Miniscalco’s is 48%

(12/25). The later is interesting in comparison with this study due to the fact that they

involve children of the same age. When conducting a clinical evaluation for

Westerlund’s revised method involving 2,5-year olds, important factors to look further

at are true/false positives and outcome per screening section. If the patterns found in this

study are somewhat alike the patterns shown when screening a larger study population,

the referential criteria might need a re-evaluation. The nurses involved in this study

believe the screening works well with younger children, but they wish for more contact

with a speech language pathologist to discuss difficult cases.

Keywords: language screening, child healthcare program, CHC, language disability,

Westerlund’s method

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