Lärarlönelyftet - En studie om genomförandet och upplevelsen av lärarlönelyftet i grundskolan

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / / Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this thesis has been to investigate the experiences of lärarlönelyftet (increasedwages for teachers) and how it can be understood in relation to fairness. Lärarlönelyftet is agovernment initiative aimed at increasing teachers' salaries, thus targeting particularly skilledteachers with the ability to develop teaching methods. By increasing the attractiveness of theteaching profession, the aim was also to raising the school results in Sweden. The decision onwhich teachers were to get this raise was taken at the local level by the principal. Thecriterions were set on a government level. Based on these criterions the principal did aestimation on who was applicable to get the raise. The teachers applied by sending in anapplication in writing, where they had to argue why they should be regarded as justified for arise. This study was conducted in one municipality in which seven teachers working at elementaryschools where interviewed. Besides the data collection from the interviews, this study is alsoincluding data from documents gathered from the municipality, the local union organization,the Ministry of Education and the Swedish National Agency for Education. The interviewswere transcribed and then analyzed by thematic analysis, as well as the documents. Theethical balances have been of particular importance as it concerns individual and personalstories. Therefore, some documents and all interviewees are anonymized. The theoretical framework used is about change processes, in order to provide answers onhow to understand the implementation of lärarlönelyftet. Pay for performance and fair theorywere used to understand and explain the experiences associated with läralönelyftet.Lärarlönelyftet is to be seen as a form of pay for performance, where performance andpayment are connected. This was seen as a confirmation of achievement both for those whowere approved and those who were denied. A strong dissatisfaction has in particulary been shown among those teachers who have notreceived lärarlönelyftet. Critic was also received from teacher who got increased pay. Thiscan be explained partly by the lack of feedback and by the processes that have not beenconsistent and included all the teachers. The experiences from the implementation are thatthere were differences that were created at local level, between municipalities and betweenschools. Based on the theoretical framework these differences can be explained partly by theadaptations to the local context in a change process and that there was a built-in opportunityfor adaptation in lärarlönelyftet. How individuals perceived it is also about the interpretationsthe individual made about what is happening in the organization. This is mainly done throughcommunication, for example colleagues who jointly seek to understand the meaning and theconsequence of the reform.

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